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Academic Excellence with a Christian Worldview-

Welcome to Central Fellowship Christian Academy. Our goal is to see each student grow to Christian maturity and develop a distinctively Biblical, Christ-centered worldview. (See Academic Excellence..)

About CFCA -

Established in 1970, CFCA is a ministry of Central Fellowship Baptist Church in Macon, Ga. CFCA is fully accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.


CFCA is truly preparing our students for success after high school!  According to a report (published May 23, 2011 by WSBTV-Channel 2, Atlanta) by the University System of Georgia - graduates of CFCA were better prepared than most other local and private school students. As shown below - graduates of CFCA earned an average of 2.90 GPA in their first semester in college.  This ranked Central Fellowship Christian Academy second among all private schools in Bibb County!  There were a total of over 3,000 students from private schools attending colleges within the University System of Georgia and the average GPA for freshman students was 2.76 GPA.  By comparison there were over 36,000 students from public school attending state colleges with an average GPA of 2.36.

Below are the numbers from those reports and where each school ranked in the report. GO LANCERS!

Ranking of Private Schools in Bibb County & Public Schools (GPA)

1. Tattnall Square Academy 3.32

2. Central Fellowship Christian Academy 2.90

3. Mt De Sales Academy 2.89

4. First Presbyterian Day 2.89

5. Stratford Academy 2.87

6. Covenant Academy 2.63

7. Houston County High School- (Houston County) 2.62

8. Perry High School- (Houston County) 2.61

9. Windsor Academy 2.31

10. Westside High School- (Bibb County) 2.25






CFCA History

Central Fellowship Christian Academy is a ministry of Central Fellowship Baptist Church. The school was started in 1970 as Cochran Field Christian Academy, a ministry of Cochran Field Baptist Church. At its inception, CFCA consisted of a church building (which currently houses the school library), the current elementary lunchroom building, and three buildings, which house our elementary and kindergarten classes.

In 1979, under the leadership of Rev. John Reynolds, Cochran Field Baptist Church and Grace Baptist Church merged to form one unit, Central Fellowship Baptist Church, located on Newburg Avenue in Macon.

The vacated Cochran Field Baptist Church building was then used exclusively for school chapel services. Several years later, the old sanctuary was turned into three classrooms; more recently, it has become our library. In 1995, a new church building was constructed on the school campus. Our campus is now made up of over 22 acres of land and includes an office building connected to the church, a second gymnasium, and a high school building. To God be all the glory!

CFCA Overview

Welcome to Central Fellowship Christian Academy. Our goal is to see each student grow to Christian maturity and develop a distinctively Biblical, Christ-centered worldview.

Accreditation - The school’s academic program is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. All teachers hold four year Bachelor’s degrees or a Master’s degree.

Associations - Proud member of the Georgia Independent Christian Athletic Association (GICAA).

HistoryCentral Fellowship Christian Academy is a ministry of Central Fellowship Baptist Church and was started in 1970.The campus is made up of 24 acres and has a total of 38 classrooms.

Discipline – Class control is the responsibility of the class instructor.Every effort is made to avoid disciplinary problems by regular teacher or administrator-to-parent contacts.However, with parental consultation, if improper behavior patterns persist, corporal discipline may be selected as a disciplinary option.Such cases are the exception rather than the rule.In grades 6 – 12, a discipline handbook is used.

Dress-code – CFCA does have certain limitations and expectations for student attire.Three main principles determine our position with regard to dress.(First we desire MODESTY; second, NEATNESS; and third, a CHRIST-LIKE SPIRIT.)Please refer to student handbook for complete details on dress code regulations.

TransportationCFCA does not offer bus service.Students, with a valid driver’s license, are allowed to drive to campus after receiving the proper permission.

Kindergarten CFCA offers a full-day program in K3, K4 and K5.(All academics are taught in the mornings. Enrichment activities and nap time fill up the afternoon.)

Student/ Teacher Ratios - We have been able to keep class sizes low.Our desired maximum class sizes are: 10 in the K3 classes, 15 in the K4 classes, 17 in the K5 classes, 20 in the first and second grade classes, 22 in the third, fourth, fifth grade classes, and 20 in the sixth through twelfth grade classes.Actual student/teacher ratios are usually even lower.

Enrollment - Central Fellowship Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.

Christian Education

The philosophy of education at Central Fellowship Christian Academy can be summed up with two words: Kingdom Education. Christian educator and author, Dr. Glen Schultz, defines Kingdom Education as a lifelong, Bible based process of leading a child to Christ, building him up in Christ, and equipping him to serve Him. Kingdom Education is for Christian families who want to educate their children with a Biblical worldview of life. We understand that a young person's world-view, whether it be Biblical and Christ-centered or secular and worldly, will directly determine the value system he or she will develop - the things he or she will determine to be right or wrong in life. We further understand that it is each person's own value system that will ultimately determine his or her decisions made and actions taken in life. It is a person's world-view and resulting value system that will determine what kind of husband, wife, mother, father, employee - what kind of person one will be. These are the things that determine real success in life.

True Kingdom Education is comprised of three necessary components that must work together for it to be effective in instilling a Biblical, Christ-centered world-view in children. The first component is the home. The family is the first institution to be ordained by God, and God has given the ultimate responsibility of educating children to the parents, not to the church, not the government, not even the school. His Word gives parents the guidance needed for successfully completing this daunting responsibility. Parents are accountable to God to do everything possible to guide their children to accept Christ as their Savior, to develop a Biblical belief system and world-view to guide them in their life decisions, and to fully surrender to God's will for their lives.

The second necessary component is the church. The New Testament church is also ordained of God, for the proclamation of the gospel and the building up of the saints. For a child, regular attendance in church is essential to Christian growth and the support of what is being taught at home and, hopefully, at his or her school.

The final component is the school, specifically Christian education. Neither public nor private, nor even Christian schools, are mentioned in Scripture. Therefore, our calling and purpose, given today's societal structure, is to assist parents in their assignment of educating their child, with the ultimate goal being successful in life - in God's eyes. The school can fulfill its calling in Kingdom Education by hiring loving and qualified Christian educators, teaching academics from a Biblical perspective, having students take daily Bible classes, praying in our classroom, having weekly chapel services, and providing a Christ-centered environment where young boys and girls can thrive in the personal expression of their faith. Everything the school does should be done with Kingdom Education in mind. That is the goal of CFCA - to come along side parents in raising and instructing the next generation for Christ. It only takes one generation to change a nation.