GaSSO: Donate and receive a state tax credit

If you or your Company pay any Georgia State Income Tax and would like to have control over how part of this money is used, GaSSO can help you direct some of your tax dollars to Private Schools for Scholarships. In May 2008, the State of Georgia passed new legislation (HB 1133) which allows tax payers to have some control over how their tax dollars are used. This legislation allows taxpayers to “Donate” part of their Georgia Income Tax for use at Private Schools to provide Scholarships for children in Pre-K through 12th grade. The “Donor” receives a dollar for dollar credit off of their Georgia Income Tax for their “Donation”. The law allows up to $100.0 million per year in tax credits for Donations to Private Schools... (click to read more)   

CFCA Booster Club 30-Day Giveaway

Our 30-Day Giveaway will be held from February 1 through March 2, 2019. One ticket will provide you with an entry into all 30 of our daily drawings for items listed below. Tickets are available for $30 each, and all proceeds go to the CFCA Booster Club. Please contact the Upper School office at 478.788.6909 or email Felicia Holmes at to purchase.