Our Mission

Central Fellowship Christian Academy equips students to impact their world for Christ.

Kingdom Education

The philosophy of education at Central Fellowship Christian Academy can be summed up with two words: Kingdom Education. Christian educator and author, Dr. Glen Schultz, defines Kingdom Education as a lifelong, Bible based process of leading a child to Christ, building him up in Christ, and equipping him to serve Him. Kingdom Education is for Christian families who want to educate their children with a Biblical worldview of life. We understand that a young person's world-view, whether it be Biblical and Christ-centered or secular and worldly, will directly determine the value system he or she will develop - the things he or she will determine to be right or wrong in life. We further understand that it is each person's own value system that will ultimately determine his or her decisions made and actions taken in life. It is a person's world-view and resulting value system that will determine what kind of husband, wife, mother, father, employee - what kind of person one will be. These are the things that determine real success in life. True Kingdom Education is comprised of three necessary components that must work together for it to be effective in instilling a Biblical, Christ-centered world-view in children. (read more)

About CFCA

Central Fellowship Christian Academy is a ministry of Central Fellowship Baptist Church and was started in 1970 (originally as Cochran Field Christian Academy). Over 1,200 students have graduated from CFCA since the first graduating class of 1974.The campus is made up of 24 acres and has a total of 38 classrooms. The school’s academic program is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. All teachers hold four year Bachelor’s degrees or a Master’s degree. CFCA is member of the Georgia Independent School Association (GISA). We offer a full-day program in K3, K4 and K5 (all academics are taught in the mornings, enrichment activities and nap time fill up the afternoon.)

CFCA Alma Mater

Proudly sing our Alma Mater

Blue and Gray and White.

We are the Mighty Lancers

We will Stand and Fight!

God is with us, He will help us, 

We shall not fail.

We will strive to be God's Channel, 

C - F - C - A  All Hail.