The academic programs of Central Fellowship Christian Academy are based upon the belief that a Bible-based, Christ-centered education is the very best education that parents can provide for their children. Therefore, the academic programs have been developed to provide high quality academic instruction in an environment where prayer, Bible study and Christian textbooks are the norm.

Central Fellowship Christian Academy offers a challenging academic program designed for students with average and above average academic ability. Students are admitted on the basis of past academic achievement, individual counseling, and test scores to ensure that those enrolled sincerely desire a Christian education and are capable of achieving success in a program designed for academic excellence.

  • Elementary

    The elementary school primarily uses the Abeka Christian Book Curriculum. Other materials that are evaluated and deemed to be the very best available are used in areas where needed. Music and P.E. are offered, as well as a weekly library time and an art/activity time. Field trips, concerts and Fine Arts round out a curricular program designed to challenge students.

  • Middle School

    The curriculum for middle school students consists of a combination of Christian publishers. The courses offered are as follows:

    6th Grade
    Fundamentals of Math, Life Science, American History, Bible, PE, Elective, and Language Arts

    7th Grade

    Pre-Algebra*, Life and Environmental Science, World Geography, Bible, PE, Elective, and English

    8th Grade

    Pre-Algebra or Algebra I*, Earth and Physical Science, Georgia History, Bible, PE, Elective, and English

    Elective Rotation for 6th-8th grade: Latin, Spanish, Study Hall, and Keyboarding
    Year-long Electives: Band & Chorus

    *Math track determined by achievement test scores, math grades and recommendation of current Math teacher. All students are required to take Math each year. Students on the advanced track in Math must maintain a “B” average to remain in this track. 

  • High School

    The curriculum for high school students consists of a combination of Christian publishers. The courses required are as follows:

    9th Grade

    Algebra I or Geometry*, Biology, World History, World Literature I, Bible, Health/Physical Education, and Enrichment Elective

    10th Grade (minimum 5 credits earned)

    Geometry or Algebra II*, Physical Science, Government/Economics, World Literature II, Bible, Spanish I or Greek I, and Enrichment Elective

    11th Grade (minimum 11 credits earned)
    Algebra II or Algebra III; Chemistry, U.S. History, American Literature or Dual Enrollment, Bible, Spanish II or Greek II, and Enrichment Elective

    12th Grade (minimum 17 credits earned)
    Algebra III or Dual Enrollment*; Anatomy and Physiology; Psychology or Dual Enrollment History; English Literature or Dual Enrollment English; Bible, and Enrichment Elective

    Upper School Enrichment Electives: Study Hall, Band, Chorus, Drama, SAT Prep, Weight Training, Art, and Yearbook